• Namaste Ayurveda



Everyone is unjustifiably afraid of enema procedure, mostly women due to unpleasant experience before giving birth. Ayurvedic enemas are healthy procedures and have nothing to do with unpleasant experiences. The procedure itself is performed in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere with full therapist’s attention for the person to be able to feel relaxed and protected. Warm oil or warm herbal solution is applied into the colon through rectum. Healing properties of the solution are kept in the intestines for a certain period of time during which colon’s wall gets treated, accumulated toxins melt and the liver gets cleaned. It is said that Basti has an effect from head to toe. There are multiple benefits for people suffering from various neurological disorders, headaches, hernias, sciatica, digestive organ disorders to toxin elimination from digestive system. Basti establishes proper nutrient absorption. The ageing process stops. The Basti treatment as well as all other treatments are performed in strict hygiene and medically controlled conditions.

Duration: 20-40 min

Price: 30,00 €