• Namaste Ayurveda


The treatment of complete peacefulness

Shirodara is one of the most well-known ayurvedic treatments. Its characteristic is a procedure in which warm ayurvedic oil is continually applied on person’s forehead from a bowl made of clay or other natural materials. Shirodara is an extremely valuable treatment which will soothe and regenerate your nervous system and senses and activate physical natural mechanisms of treatment to relieve stress. Furthermore, it will enhance your mental clarity and harmony. The procedure itself as well as most of other ayurvedic treatments are very pleasant and have a positive effect on the activities of endocrine glands. It is successfully used for most psychological disorders (stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia…), neck and shoulder ailments and headaches, migraines and upper respiratory system diseases.

Duration: 20-40 min

Price: 35,00 €