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11 day programme of detoxification and health renewal

Panchakarma programme is ideal “general” service of body and mind for everybody who wants to preserve and improve his/her health through a series of beneficial, gentle and pleasant treatments. Toxins from food, water, air, unbalanced life style and destructive emotions are the main cause of disorders on physical body level as well as mind level. Panchakarma therapy is one of the most important branches of Ayurveda whose goal is eliminating body toxins from bodily organs and organ systems and establishing balance between three doshas i.e. energies in the body. As the body is cleansed, it simultaneously gets stronger and stimulates the immune system to start renewing damaged cells, the body begins to heal and organs do their job on optimum frequency. According to Ayurveda, health “lies in the stomach”. Therefore, the procedure’s goal is establishing and maintaining proper digestive functions. Panchakarma procedure can be presented as a car service and care for the car on the outside and inside which is, by most of us, done quite regularly. On completion of physical body and mind cleansing, as if it was our own car, the person gets to know himself/herself by awakening unused human potentials supressed by the way of life and inadequate diet, the skin gets shinier, he/she feels full of energy, he/she feels the easiness of the body, he/she wakes up rested, thoughts are clear, emotions are quieter and milder, digestive system functions get regulated, he/she feels optimism and joy.

NOTE: Before the beginning of Panchakarma therapy lasting 7 or more days, we perform ayurvedic diagnostics at the discretion of a client or the Centre. Diagnostic procedure is painless, natural and carried out in a relaxing atmosphere. It includes pulse diagnosis, tongue examination, organ palpation with previous short conversation, fulfilling the health record, the body type and dosha disorder (energy in the body) get defined during diagnosis. Afterwards, we compile individually tailored ayurvedic programme, we define the number and duration of every individual treatment.

We will present our methods and preparations used during treatment to you in detail. Furthermore, if it is necessary and if you wish, we can show you the video of every treatment or theoretically explain everything in our room for treatments. During and upon programme completion, we provide support and recommend suitable diet and life style. All the preparations and oils for all treatments are prepared by us according to original recipes, on open fire, with a lot of love and care. All oils and ingredients are completely natural and of organic origin. Everyone who never experienced Panchakarma detoxification therapy has to realize that this is a very pleasant and beneficial procedure for your overall health which acts preventively and enables you to feel full of energy and comfortable in your own skin. Whether you would like to try one of our ayurvedic massages, treatments or you want something beyond that, therapists and staff will provide all the care and warmth in an original atmosphere you would want for yourself.

Panchakarma consists of 3 parts:
– PREPROCEDURE (Poorva Karma)