• Namaste Ayurveda


Clear nose, complete breath

Nasya is a therapeutic procedure in which ayurvedic preparation (herbal drops) is applied into the nose. This is an extremely effective treatment for almost all problems manifested on the head, neck, shoulders and upper limbs (polyps, rhinitis, tonsillitis, cervical spondylitis, migraines, headaches, insomnia…). This procedure is useful to anyone who wants to cleanse the body because it effectively removes mucus from the respiratory tract and it is especially recommended to people having problems with breathing, sinuses and bronchi and it also helps with allergies and balances kapha dosha. The treatment begins with a short head, neck and shoulder massage followed by heating the face with a warm towel and then placing the oil into nostrils. Minimally, three treatments are required.

Duration: 40 min

Price: 35,00 €