Kalari foot massage: treatment by using feet – unique experience

The country Kerala on the south of India is the main centre of AYURVEDA and the country of ancient traditional martial art KALARIPAYATTU and classic dance KATHAKALI. Kalari chikitsa – foot massage is an essential part of this tradition. We were taught Kalari foot massage in India by a family that deals with treatments for generations and helps people. We have immediately realized its uniqueness. There are multiple benefits of this treatment: extremely enhances muscle flexibility, regular treatments melt fat tissue, the skin becomes shinier, increases blood circulation. Toxins making the body inactive and inert get eliminated from the body. The treatment combined with oils prepared according to original ayurvedic recipes fully relieves stress accumulated in the body, it relieves tension, the mind calms down. Kalari foot massage stabilizes digestive system activities, eliminates joint stiffness and muscle tension. Besides benefits for person’s health, this massage is a proper challenge for the therapist through strength, endurance and movement coordination. THE THERAPIST DOES NOT WALK ON THE PERSON AND DOES NOT USE CHIROPRACTIC TREATMENTS.

Recommended to:
– Sportsmen for faster recovery
– Obese people and physically inactive people
– People with physically demanding jobs
– People in responsible positions exposed to stress
– Anxious and depressed people
– People exposed to toxins or some form of contamination which is work related
– who wants to cleanse the body from toxins and rejuvenate his/her body

Duration: minimum 70 min

Price: 35,00 €