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Original ayurvedic treatment with linen pouches called „pindas“ filled with grain. Pindas are dipped into warm milk and herbal solution, after which they are put around the whole body releasing beneficial ingredients. The treatment is used for various neurological disorders, muscle and joint pain, postoperative orthopaedic rehabilitation, frozen shoulder as well as ultimate skin care. […]


Deep relaxation A very pleasant ayurvedic massage in which the whole body is oiled by ayurvedic warm oil. The therapist performs specific, gentle and very soothing movements and the pressure is adjusted to the state of treated person. Abhyanga is very useful for all disorders of vata dosha (energies), for people exposed to heavy physical […]


Energy of 4 hands Ayurvedic full body massage is performed by two therapists, which provides a special feeling. Therapists simultaneously perform movements on both sides of the body. During the treatment, warm ayurvedic oil is used, which stimulates the exchange of substances and blood circulation, refreshes, strengthens and fills the body and mind with energy. […]


Skin renewal Massage with a peeling paste made of oils, herbs and grains. It removes old and dead cells from the upper part of the skin. It activates blood circulation, peripheral circulation and stimulates the exchange of substances in the body. After the treatment, the skin is soft, mildly oily and fresh. Duration: 60 min Price: […]


Anti-cellulite Unlike Snigdha Udwartana , Ruksha is performed with dry herbal powder. It stimulates blood circulation, exchange of substances in organism, blocked flow of lymph and it is widely used for the removal of excess fat tissue (obese people) and cellulite, improves the stability of limbs, enhances the glow and quality of skin, it relieves […]


Clarity of thought In India, the oil is traditionally applied on hair as a part of daily personal hygiene. Almost all hairdressers offer head and facial massage. During head and facial treatments, the therapist performs more than 20 different movements. Detailed treatment stimulates head’s blood circulation, relieves tension and stress, improves concentration and clarity of […]


The treatment of complete peacefulness Shirodara is one of the most well-known ayurvedic treatments. Its characteristic is a procedure in which warm ayurvedic oil is continually applied on person’s forehead from a bowl made of clay or other natural materials. Shirodara is an extremely valuable treatment which will soothe and regenerate your nervous system and […]


Clear nose, complete breath Nasya is a therapeutic procedure in which ayurvedic preparation (herbal drops) is applied into the nose. This is an extremely effective treatment for almost all problems manifested on the head, neck, shoulders and upper limbs (polyps, rhinitis, tonsillitis, cervical spondylitis, migraines, headaches, insomnia…). This procedure is useful to anyone who wants […]


Royal treatment The treatment used for all ailments caused by the disruption of vata dosha, e.g. paralysis, arthritis, osteoporosis, neurological disorders etc. This is a beneficial procedure for everyone who wants to eliminate heavy metals and pesticides from the body. The treatment is performed by two therapists who slowly and simultaneously apply warm ayurvedic oil […]


Healthy sauna Original ayurvedic concept/procedure of sweating or steaming whose goal among others is to eliminate accumulated and unusable substances which are a result of metabolic activities and toxins from energy channels of the body (srotas). There are various possibilities and methods of swedana treatment, from ayurvedic sauna (the head is not steamed or heated), […]


Enema Everyone is unjustifiably afraid of enema procedure, mostly women due to unpleasant experience before giving birth. Ayurvedic enemas are healthy procedures and have nothing to do with unpleasant experiences. The procedure itself is performed in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere with full therapist’s attention for the person to be able to feel relaxed and […]


The power of lemon The word Jambeera on Sanskrit means lemon which is the main ingredient of this treatment. This original ayurvedic therapy is used for and it is very effective in solving problems with shoulders (frozen shoulder or apabakuha) and neck (spondylosis) and painful and swollen joints. The treatment begins with a neck and […]


Indispensable part of Centre Namaste’s services is the original ayurvedic beauty treatment. What makes it so special is using only natural ingredients, locally grown and freshly prepared just prior to usage. The choice of ingredients for the treatment depends on the season and skin type. This special treatment is the package of treatments which includes: […]


11 day programme of detoxification and health renewal Panchakarma programme is ideal “general” service of body and mind for everybody who wants to preserve and improve his/her health through a series of beneficial, gentle and pleasant treatments. Toxins from food, water, air, unbalanced life style and destructive emotions are the main cause of disorders on […]


This ayurvedic treatment includes massage and steaming using “pindas” i.e. boluses filled with beneficial herbs to relieve pain and stimulate sweating. Pindas are dipped into warm oil. They are used locally to relieve pain or on the whole body with specific movements to move and eliminate accumulated toxins. After treatment, the body is very flexible. […]