Questions and answers

  • What is bioenergy/biotherapy?
  • Which diseases can be treated by biotherapy?
  • The Domančić method of bioenergy healing
  • Who is a biotherapist?
  • How long does a therapy last and what does it look like?
  • What is the cost of therapy?
  • Is biotherapy an alternative to classical medicine? Does a biotherapist recommend medications?
  • Is biotherapy harmful?
  • What can I feel during treatment?
  • Does a biotherapist have special powers? Is biotherapy of religious character?
  • Do therapy results depend on the belief in the existence of bioenergy?
  • Why are group therapies performed?
  • Can we help animals with biotherapy?
 Bioenergy is ubiquitous life energy located in everything that surrounds us. Bioenergy is life (bios = life). Biotherapy is the process where biotherapist lays his/her hands to body parts of a sick person in order to emit (give) life energy. The method of laying hands is well known around the whole world and it is most probably one of the oldest healing methods.
 Biotherapy can treat all diseases and conditions and it is used as a disease prevention procedure. Results of the therapy range from complete healing to stopping the symptoms of a disease or enhancing the quality of life.
 Scientifically tested bioenergy healing method which is successfully used in the healing process for more than 30 years around the world.
 The biotherapist is a person who knows how to take the energy from the environment and give it to the person who needs it on the places where it is necessary. To simplify, the biotherapist transfers only life energy to the damaged (impaired energy) immune system of the person that afterwards performs the healing process on its own.
 Advance booking is always required. The person arrives to the therapy after physician’s diagnosis is made or after finding out what is wrong. It is performed either in groups or individually in a pleasant and informal atmosphere. It lasts 4 consecutive days in periods of 15-20 minutes. One can also attend the therapy as an observer.
 The price of the therapy is not fixed. At the end of the cycle, you will give a donation to the therapist.
 No. Biotherapy is performed in collaboration with classical medicine and other complementary therapeutic procedures, all with the same goal – healing the person. The biotherapist NEVER gives advice or suggests patients to take or stop using medications suggested by official medicine.
 No. Biotherapy can be used for all conditions and diseases regardless of age and sex ( Greek. bios= life!)
 Sensations vary depending on a person. The most common sensations are pins and needles, warmth, coldness or instant relief. Some people do not feel anything, which does not mean that the therapy is not effective i.e. the sensation or its absence is not anindicator of a successful therapy.
 No. A biotherapist does not have any “special” powers, but he/she has certain knowledge on the man-nature relationship. Biotherapy does not have anything to do with dogmatic religious beliefs, but it represents objective knowledge on natural processes. Every human being in this World has the potential to engage with biotherapy and treat others with bioenergy. It is not reserved for individuals or institutions, but it is given to every person in order to treat their close ones.
 No. The therapy is equally successful when performed on people with no objective knowledge who do not believe or have distorted opinion on bioenergy and the therapy itself.
 With group therapies one can enlarge the energy potential, people are more relaxed, mutually exchange experiences which does not mean that individual treatments are not as equally successful.
 Yes. Biotherapy can be applied on all living beings.