About us

ajurveda-2015-02-001Travelling around the world and having gained an insight into proven local traditions, we gathered the knowledge and the skills which have been used for centuries for human wellbeing and which are gentle and effective to individual’s health as well as the entire local community.

After an idea of creating an ayurveda and yoga centre in our town came to our minds, we were sure of one thing: we should give all members and guests of our centre the same thing we want to feel and get – easy-going, open-minded and caring hosts, who are devoted and committed to their members, guests providing original yoga programs and ayurvedic treatments in order to enhance health and quality of life.

Regardless of different approaches to certain methods, we have realized that they all have one thing in common – achieving the BALANCE on every level of human existence as the precondition for good health and fulfilled life. We decided that they should become a part of our profession as well as the philosophy of our lives without excluding the modern science, yet using its advantages.

Civilization schooling and education systems as well as our formal CVs represent to us and every other person on Earth a part of our life experience primarily enabling important material existence, which we often relate to happiness. To make our lives more meaningful, we have dedicated our time to change ourselves. Experience comes with age – gradually, energy and information get continually transferred to us by true teachers, who teach people all around the world about their true nature and the purpose of existence. To be able to have written this, we had to go beyond the “knowledge”, which is unconsciously transferred for generations from father to son and from mother to daughter, and which creates pain, suffering and discrepancy between what we feel and what we think. It is important to begin the journey within ourselves through practical experience and, afterwards, we gradually change from the one who ignores to the one who begins searching. What this is and what this looks like is impossible to describe with words. But, from the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely wish that Centre Namaste or some other similar place can represent the beginning of Your own change and, thereby, the whole world.

At Centre Namaste with peaceful and friendly atmosphere, you will be kindly welcomed by:

Strength and conditioning coach/specialist, B.A., with international experience in sports training. Specialized in conditioning programs for athletes and football players. Work experience was gained on the position of a conditioning coach at FC Sloboda in Ukrainian First League, FC Dnipro, FC Riffa in Bahrain, FC Al Wasl in Dubai, UAE. Living and working in various places around the world allowed for meeting new cultures, customs, natural methods of treatment and meaning of life different to the one in the West. Practicing yoga became an integral part of his personal life and work on himself as well as his professional work by including certain techniques into sports training system with the purpose of injury prevention, mental stability and recuperation after intense trainings and competitions. Yoga instructor training completed at Sivananda yoga camp, Quebec, Canada. In 2008, he familiarized himself with bioenergy treatments and completed the training programme of the world-renowned biotherapist Zdenko Domančić, whose healing method is used nowadays when treating ill people. Current circumstances and driven by deep interest in the meaning of life led him to India where he met his spiritual teacher Avdhoot Baba Shivanadji, whose path he follows on daily basis. After a several months long stay at a traditional ayurvedic hospital (Danvantari Ayurveda Academy, Calicut, Kerala, India) he completed training for Ayurveda pancha karma programme and studied the unique and ancient kalari foot massage – kalari chikitsa. Today, together with his wife and the whole team, he manages Centre Namaste, helping the community in which he lives in through a series of yoga and ayurvedic therapeutic programmes. With his son Mark and wife Marija he leads a quiet family and socially useful life.
Looking for exercises that will keep her body fit and rehabilitate injuries, which were the result of years-long life as rhythmic sports gymnastics professional, in 2003 she started attending yoga classes. After feeling the benefits of yoga and the absence of ailments, very soon she knew she found the recipe for her health. During years of yoga practicing, she discovered other aspects of yoga, and, after giving birth, she felt the growing need for personal development and started attending various workshops and programmes to be able to serve her family as best as she could, thereby, focusing more and more on her new career path. In 2010 she decided to go to India together with her husband to a several months long training programme for Ayurveda therapist at a traditional ayurvedic hospital (Danvantari Ayurveda Academy, Calicut, Kerala, India). At the same time, she attended yoga classes and yoga instructor training programme (Sathyananda Yoga Research Centre). After coming back to Croatia, she started teaching Antistress yoga programme where she transfers knowledge and gives practical help to attendees. In 2012 she gained a certificate for yoga instructor by Rainbow Kids Yoga method. After attending the spiritual programme of teacher Avdhoot Baba Shivanadji, she is confident about her life path. Today, together with her husband and the whole team, she manages Centre Namaste, helping the community in which she lives in through a series of yoga and ayurvedic therapeutic programmes. With her son Mark and husband Želimir she leads a quiet family and socially useful life.