• Namaste Ayurveda


Deep relaxation

A very pleasant ayurvedic massage in which the whole body is oiled by ayurvedic warm oil. The therapist performs specific, gentle and very soothing movements and the pressure is adjusted to the state of treated person. Abhyanga is very useful for all disorders of vata dosha (energies), for people exposed to heavy physical work, mental stress, for the elderly, children, sleep disorders etc. It stimulates the exchange of substances and blood circulation, refreshes, strengthens and fills the body and mind with energy. It stimulates the activities of the lymphatic system, accelerates the elimination of carbon dioxide and lactic acid which causes fatigue. The treatment coordinates all bodily functions, activities of left and right brain hemispheres. During abhyanga, the person gets into the state of deep relaxation or even falls asleep.

Duration: minimum 60 min

Price: 30,00 €